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Thierry Mugler

3 Jan

Recently perusing the bookshelf at a friend’s house, I came across this amazing Thierry Mugler book with my favorite images below:

New Year–>New Inspiration

thierry muglerbig





Crushin’ Skulls

1 Nov

FSMNYC Skull Crusher

FSMNYC Reptile Skull Ring

Instagram Inspiration

23 Oct

My new favorite place for inspiration has got to be INSTAGRAM!!!

Here’s a few of my favorite things I’ve been gathering on my camera roll which have made it to my inspiration board:)

Teddy Telles Photography

18 Jun

Say Cheeze!!!!!!

It amazing the people you run into, not to mention the cutting-edge talent you meet when you’re in the indie market scene. One of these people is the gifted Teddy Telles whose light- hearted nature shows through in his photos. With his endless supply of props, you can do-it-up ol’ western, zoro, or sailor style—OR cut your friend’s skull up with a dummy knife- YOUR PICK! Check out more of Teddy’s photos here: Facebook; Twitter

Originally from EL Paso, TX and now Brooklyn based, Teddy also specializes in videos

In a classic black and white, with some high contrast- check out our new company profile pics:

AND one of my favorites of Teddy’s is the shot of Ignacio from QP & Monty used to headline their shop in Chelsea Market.  Specializing in all things vintage including accessories, clothing and housewares, owners Ignacio and Pamela are hitting the vintage scene hard, specializing in menswear’s, and bringing back that polished swagger look of vests, 3 piece suiting, and the accessories to match with tie clips, fobs and cufflinks. Perhap’s you’ve seen them on the FAILURE CLUB– but I’ll leave that for you to check out and to read on my follow-up blog:)


It’s Electric!

12 Mar

With this heat-wave hitting the East Coast, I’m in the mood for Summer! Here’s a lil’ inspiration for some pops of color to brighten-up your wardrobe and mood!

The Eye of the Beholder

15 Feb

John Rankin, London photographer, the man behind the lens, has an eye for eyes with his work focusing on his subjects’ gaze. From ad-campaigns to art exhibitions, and to his new collaboration with Swatch, it’s in the eyes that which his work comes alive.

Sculpted Wings by Kate Mccgwire

31 Jan

How do you make something so colossal seem as though it weighs less than an ounce?

 London-based artist Kate Mccgwire  has done just this in her new sculpture collection of feathers  entitled, ‘guile’, ‘lure’, ‘seer’, ‘quell’, and ‘yearn’. The majestic forms are made from thousands of wing and tail feathers gathered from many birds including  pigeon, magpie, goose, teal, pheasant, duck and woodcock. Working with feathers as one of her mediums since ’07, this most recent exhibition is far beyond compare.

‘I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate, question, duplicate, play and photograph.‘ -Kate MccGwire 

‘I collect because I have to. It’s my way of making sense of my self and forging a material connection between my inner world and the world of objects, which is the world we all inhabit but which I’ve chosen to make my living in as an artist who makes “things”. I enjoy the fact that collecting allows me to make a spectacle out of the everyday, which is essentially what I try to do in my work.’ – Kate MccGwire

Rainbow Bright

5 Jan

After a season of red & green, let me see some COLOR!!!!

These are a few of my favorite Things….

21 Dec


Rodney Smith Photography

8 Dec

My new love of the week: RODNEY SMITH, “..a modest man with eclectic sensibilities, with an eye that sees the world in a way you or I will only see it if it’s in the form of one of his photograph’s.”

I also love the way he can capture an emtion in a 1-photo sotry. The End

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