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On Location…Mash-ups…New Pieces

4 Sep
FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg on Location

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Purpha Daggers

Purpha Daggers

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Snakes on a Plane!!!

Snakes on a Plane!!!
Chainmail Belt

Chainmail Belt

BullFrog Skull Pendant

BullFrog Skull Pendant

Purpha Dagger

Purpha Dagger

Plated Armour Collection

Plated Armour Collection

Safety-Pin Duo

Safety-Pin Duo

FSMNYC Chainmail Shoulder Harness

Chainmail Shoulder Harness

FSMNYC Chainmail Body Harness

Chainmail Body Harness


Triangular Inspired

Chain Harnesses

Chain Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Be Sure to stop by Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg every weekend for new designs AND follow us in Instagram for the newest designs! ūüôā


FSM Holiday Calendar

8 Dec

It’s a couple weeks left until the holidays, and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, we’re got the perfect solution.

We’ll be selling EVERYDAY up until the 23rd!!! Check out our schedule below….


 December 15th: 12-6PM

195 Morgan Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11237


Brooklyn Night Bizaare

December 22nd 6pm-Midnight

45 N. 4th St. Williamsburg, BK

Late Night Party of Food, Drinks, Music and Shopping!

Chelsea Market

Artists and Fleas Pop-UP

15th St. and 10th Ave

10:30am-7pm EVERYDAY until 2013

Located by the DJ booth!

Artists and Fleas

70th N. 7th St in Williamsburg BK

Every Saturday and Sunday 10-7pm


3rd ward CRAFT FAIR



FSMNYC in Chelsea Market

19 Sep
It’s been since last Spring, but we’re back in full swing at Chelsea market to the New Year. We’ve been working on some great new pieces exclusively for this location and here’s a lil’ sneak-peak!

FSMNYC at Chelsea Market

4 Jan

This holiday, we got the opportunity to share our holidays with Artists and Fleas and Chelsea Market. Originally, this market was where the Oreo was invented & produced, and is now a shopping and food extravaganza, housing some of the most amazing companies as Oxygen, Food Network, NY1, and the in the above offices. 

Thank you for everyone who stopped by!(a brief break from trekking out to Brooklyn) We hope everyone had a safe, happy, and healthy holidays.


Painting the Seams

28 Sep

A few weeks back, we had the amazing pleasure of meeting Ronnie and Genevieve, the talents behind MALCA BK. With their hand painted one-of-a-kind garments, this work is beyond fashion, it is ART.

artistic, unique and comfortable clothing for todays modern woman

 we seek to spread our passion through the clothes that we make & hope that women feel powerful, beautiful & unique


Besides Malca BK’s beautiful pieces,

Check out Malca¬†BK’s leggings worn by Rye Rye in the Never Be Mine video with Robyn



Weekend Teazer Pleazer 8.4: Rainbow Connection

4 Aug

Looking to spice up your wardrobe? How about some color?

Trends are focusing on the brights and pops to make your look new again & below are some new pieces made this week especially for the Hester Street Fair and Artist and Fleas markets this Saturday & Sunday.












Best Flea Market Food Reviews- putting our money where our mouth is…

21 Jul

Hey y’all¬†– Good food is hard to find – and in my opinion the best food is the one that has love behind it. Ever wonder why home cookin is soo good, that cuz there was love put in the food, this is the key ingrediant for all the food vendors that are awesome and why they stand out from the rest.

This is our top 3 favorites… and just to show you how much we like them and think you will too – if you spend $30 or more with @FancySexyMe this weekend you will get any of their amazing food FREE – no kidding no strings attached while coupons last – first come first serve.

Artists and Fleas

You can Find us Р@ our flagship location Artists and Fleas 70 North 7th Street РSaturday & Sunday 10-7 Рthe L train and eastside Ferry comes right there ( 

Saturday – That Burger Tent – free burger (first come first serve while coupons last)

Sunday – That Burger Tent (free burger) & Brooklyn Taco Co. (free Taco)

Hester Street Fair Рour sister flea location 

 every Saturday 10-6 in the lower eastside on Essex Street and Hester Street (

Saturday – Melt Bakey (free ice cream sandwich) & Brooklyn Taco Co. (free Taco)

 Their bios not any particular order


Brooklyn Taco Co.

Where :  Hester Street Fair Saturday 10-6  & Artists and Fleas Sunday 10-7

 Jesse and Erica  are taco geniuses simply put. There are many many Рok a shit load of taco trucks and mexican spots all over nyc Рbut NONE compare to Brooklyn Taco Рthere is sssooo much love and careful cooking here. Every bite is a tasteful journey Рwe are lucky to have them at fleas they should have there own high end mexican retaurant joint. The Brisket taco is amazing!


That  Burger Tent

Where :  Artists and Fleas Saturday & Sunday 10-7

In a world full of burgers – this burger stand alone – Dan is the man indeed.¬† His burgers are juicy and delicious – again the love he puts into his meats and cooking comes running out in every bite – Always has big news to annouce so keep up with his updates. Don’t forget to try is breakfest burgers – sssooo goood – and for you veggies he rocks a proper portabella mushroom burger!


Melt Bakery  

Where :  Hester Street Fair Saturday 10-6

We saw these guys (Julian¬†& Kareem)¬†grow from the beginning – fellow Hester Street Fair Vendor – they have some of the most delicious and innovative ice cream sandwiches around – my personal favorite is cina-max – this treat litterly tastes like cinnamon toast crunch …only in an ice cream¬†– you cant go wrong picking¬† a flavor.


¬†So come on by this weekend – it will be hot¬†– but its damn worth it food and shopping? dudnt git butta din dat…

Again Spend $30 or more with FancySexyMe and get either a burger,ice cream sandwich, or taco FREE just mention this post!!

see you then


Weekend Teazer Pleazer 7.8.11

9 Jul

Ok folks! The weekend’s finally here, and coming off of a 3-day weekend, this week seemed longer than usual. And even though this Friday is dreary and damp, this weekend holds nothing but sunshine and cheer. So no excuses not to come out to the markets and check out all the new designs we’ve been working on this week! Saturday we’ll be at Hester Street Fair on the LES & Artist & Fleas in Williamsburg, BK. We’ll also be at A&F on Sunday-so stop on by! Here’s a lil’ Teazer of what you can expect to see!

Come Fly With Me….

15 Jun

Growing-up, one¬†of my most favorite activities involved playing outdoors and discovering all types of creatures. A biology buff and obsessed with Marty Stouffer’s Wild America, I would chase grasshoppers and butterflies, and I never forgot my first praying mantis spotting.

I had the same excitement this weekend when meeting Melissa Morale, creator of WINGED INSPIRATION. The proficiency and novelty behind her work is mesmerizing from its beauty and also the knowledge of history behind each creature keeps you wanting to know more.

It’s¬†amazing the how some of these beetles and butterflies have these metallic, iridescent shells; and¬†the soft natural ombred coloring of the butterflies.¬†


The true beauty of nature-it’s so simple, but it’s the most intricate composition that’s ever existed.

Check out WINGED INSPIRATION’s FB page here–>!/pages/Winged-Inspiration/121116404601559


The Chew Chronicles at Artist and Fleas

9 Jun

Check out this amazing video by The Chew Chronicles featuring the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, If you haven’t been by to check out the new spot, here’s a sneak peek (FSM gets featured at 8:05) ūüôā Ronen Gilmer takes us back to the beginnings of the market and the transformation Williamsburg has gone through in the past years……..enjoy!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing vids by the Chew Chronicles to find the latest and greatest hotspots!

Check out the blog here–>

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