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Take a Seat

27 Mar

With breaking my elbow this past week, I am trying my best to take things down a caliber, taking a rest, and taking a seat. Here are some seats that have been catching my eye:)

maarten de ceulaer: mutation series

hiroaki suzuki: dodecahedronic chair

mattis esnault: ondule lounge seat

“Tree-cycled” Wood Bench w/ LED Lighting

jannis hülsen: cellulose-fibre xylinum stool


Bisazza Bagno launches The Wanders Collection

3 Jan

Bisazza Bagno launches The Wanders Collection, a new range of bathroom furnishings, during CERSAIE 2011.

The original concept for the collection came from a fantasy I had of taking a bath in a bar of soap. The ultimate clean! This idea I held for a long time, before Bisazza helped me realize it. Bathing, like clothing, is one of the most personal components of daily life. And interior style, like all style, has become a mode to evaluate the anxieties of contemporary society. The haste and fuss of ordinary life is only getting faster and it is getting increasingly difficult to switch off. People are surrounded by other people all day both physically and digitally and so I was looking for a way to offer a sanctuary from the world. I consider bathrooms to be the one space you can be alone so I designed this collection to provide a fresh, beautiful and solitary space where one can focus and take care of themselves. – Marcel Wanders

Best Flea Market Food Reviews- putting our money where our mouth is…

21 Jul

Hey y’all – Good food is hard to find – and in my opinion the best food is the one that has love behind it. Ever wonder why home cookin is soo good, that cuz there was love put in the food, this is the key ingrediant for all the food vendors that are awesome and why they stand out from the rest.

This is our top 3 favorites… and just to show you how much we like them and think you will too – if you spend $30 or more with @FancySexyMe this weekend you will get any of their amazing food FREE – no kidding no strings attached while coupons last – first come first serve.

Artists and Fleas

You can Find us – @ our flagship location Artists and Fleas 70 North 7th Street – Saturday & Sunday 10-7 – the L train and eastside Ferry comes right there (

Saturday – That Burger Tent – free burger (first come first serve while coupons last)

Sunday – That Burger Tent (free burger) & Brooklyn Taco Co. (free Taco)

Hester Street Fair – our sister flea location 

 every Saturday 10-6 in the lower eastside on Essex Street and Hester Street (

Saturday – Melt Bakey (free ice cream sandwich) & Brooklyn Taco Co. (free Taco)

 Their bios not any particular order


Brooklyn Taco Co.

Where :  Hester Street Fair Saturday 10-6  & Artists and Fleas Sunday 10-7

 Jesse and Erica  are taco geniuses simply put. There are many many – ok a shit load of taco trucks and mexican spots all over nyc – but NONE compare to Brooklyn Taco – there is sssooo much love and careful cooking here. Every bite is a tasteful journey – we are lucky to have them at fleas they should have there own high end mexican retaurant joint. The Brisket taco is amazing!


That  Burger Tent

Where :  Artists and Fleas Saturday & Sunday 10-7

In a world full of burgers – this burger stand alone – Dan is the man indeed.  His burgers are juicy and delicious – again the love he puts into his meats and cooking comes running out in every bite – Always has big news to annouce so keep up with his updates. Don’t forget to try is breakfest burgers – sssooo goood – and for you veggies he rocks a proper portabella mushroom burger!


Melt Bakery  

Where :  Hester Street Fair Saturday 10-6

We saw these guys (Julian & Kareem) grow from the beginning – fellow Hester Street Fair Vendor – they have some of the most delicious and innovative ice cream sandwiches around – my personal favorite is cina-max – this treat litterly tastes like cinnamon toast crunch …only in an ice cream – you cant go wrong picking  a flavor.


 So come on by this weekend – it will be hot – but its damn worth it food and shopping? dudnt git butta din dat…

Again Spend $30 or more with FancySexyMe and get either a burger,ice cream sandwich, or taco FREE just mention this post!!

see you then


Come Fly With Me….

15 Jun

Growing-up, one of my most favorite activities involved playing outdoors and discovering all types of creatures. A biology buff and obsessed with Marty Stouffer’s Wild America, I would chase grasshoppers and butterflies, and I never forgot my first praying mantis spotting.

I had the same excitement this weekend when meeting Melissa Morale, creator of WINGED INSPIRATION. The proficiency and novelty behind her work is mesmerizing from its beauty and also the knowledge of history behind each creature keeps you wanting to know more.

It’s amazing the how some of these beetles and butterflies have these metallic, iridescent shells; and the soft natural ombred coloring of the butterflies. 


The true beauty of nature-it’s so simple, but it’s the most intricate composition that’s ever existed.

Check out WINGED INSPIRATION’s FB page here–>!/pages/Winged-Inspiration/121116404601559


Gone Country

9 Mar

My roots stem from the countryside in Ohio, where things are plain and simple, and your closest neighbors are a bike-ride away. Growing up in the country was quite interesting, and I must say, brought me to who I am today-so I’m thankful.

With this, I was never quite into the whole John Deere thing, and plaids (unless tartan) quite alarmed me-in houshould items or apparel. (I’ll never forget when my brother asked my sister and I which shirt he should wear for date- well, they were both blue plaid, so my sister and I asked “What’s the difference?” Besides plaids, I’m also not the biggest fan of Martha Stewart and Home and Country decor-it’s a bit watered down, right?

 So until recently, I becoming slightly fond of country livin’ decor when a friend of mine enlightened me of her friend’s store in Maine called Dartbrook Rustic Goods where they have a selection of Adirondack rustic furniture.

Now this I can do-for my weekend cabin, of course. It’s counrty, kitchy, and conversational combining taxidermy with bark, roots, and antiques. They’re all conversation pieces you can chat about sipping a Hot Toddy in front of the fireplace.

These are my top picks:

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