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On Location…Mash-ups…New Pieces

4 Sep
FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg on Location

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Purpha Daggers

Purpha Daggers

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Snakes on a Plane!!!

Snakes on a Plane!!!
Chainmail Belt

Chainmail Belt

BullFrog Skull Pendant

BullFrog Skull Pendant

Purpha Dagger

Purpha Dagger

Plated Armour Collection

Plated Armour Collection

Safety-Pin Duo

Safety-Pin Duo

FSMNYC Chainmail Shoulder Harness

Chainmail Shoulder Harness

FSMNYC Chainmail Body Harness

Chainmail Body Harness


Triangular Inspired

Chain Harnesses

Chain Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Be Sure to stop by Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg every weekend for new designs AND follow us in Instagram for the newest designs! 🙂


50 Shades….

4 Sep

My daily Mash-Ups of FSM—Follow FSMNYC on Instagram for the latest and greatest- many pieces are one-offs so don’t miss out! 🙂

IMG_8006Cynthia Catera FSMCynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYCCynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Animal Collective

8 Mar

Check out our new collection we’ve been working on….


FSMNYC Animal Collective Collection

fsm animal collective

Bear Claw, Parakeet, Fox Squirrel, and Bull Frog Skull Pendants

fsm1Bear Claw

fsmParakeet & Squirrel Skull

fsm3Bull Frog


4 Mar

The amazingly talented, and brilliant Dani Read, designer of FYI LINGERIE, presented her A/W 13 Collection titled, Isis, embodying Cleopatra who ruled by both intelligence and seduction.FSM got the awesome opportunity to make a few chain body harnesses to accessorize the show.

Dani’s trademark “Women are Weapons” is evident in her designs and gives her the cutting edge in the lingerie market. I mean, who turns love handles into Love Handles as an all access leather harness belt? FYI does!!! And is one of the few reasons why we love Dani’s vision!









FSM Holiday Calendar

8 Dec

It’s a couple weeks left until the holidays, and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, we’re got the perfect solution.

We’ll be selling EVERYDAY up until the 23rd!!! Check out our schedule below….


 December 15th: 12-6PM

195 Morgan Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11237


Brooklyn Night Bizaare

December 22nd 6pm-Midnight

45 N. 4th St. Williamsburg, BK

Late Night Party of Food, Drinks, Music and Shopping!

Chelsea Market

Artists and Fleas Pop-UP

15th St. and 10th Ave

10:30am-7pm EVERYDAY until 2013

Located by the DJ booth!

Artists and Fleas

70th N. 7th St in Williamsburg BK

Every Saturday and Sunday 10-7pm


3rd ward CRAFT FAIR




13 Nov

This Friday SHAG BROOKLYN is celebrating their 3rd year anniversay with a LEATHER AND LACE PARTY.

FSMNYC will be teaming up with FYI LINGERIE for a sexy-n-badass runway show. Here’s a lil teazer of what to expect:




Opening Exhibition of  Eyes Wide Open: Photography by Lou Roole

Give-away Raffle

Audio Installation by Audio Smut

Little Pigs by Baby Skin Glove

Window Installation by Sexedelica

Performances by The Domi Dollz, Valentine Amartey, Georgio Carpet, Popitoes, plus more unspeakable wildness…if you’ve been to a SHAG party, you know what to expect. So dress to impress and wear some Leather n Lace!!!

FSMNYC does Miami

1 Oct

Pamela Wasabi is opening a new boutique THE KULT in no other than the fashion capital of FL, welcome to Miami!

Her name matches her style, Pamela  Wasabi has that added kick that leaves you walking away with something extraordinary, and now she has a store catered to this, and curated for all your fashion needs, including the hot wares by FSMNYC.

Wasabi Fashion Kult began as an edgy digital mag devoted to underground art, music, and  fashion; and is heading into its 4th anniversary.

“Our style is inspired by the Harajuku kids, London punk rock scene, and pure girl power. It’s loud, bold, colorful, and aggressive. Not everyone is welcomed, because our clothing is not a need but a choice. It’s for those who take fashion as a way of expression, the ones who make their own rules, and are completely oblivious to what the ‘norm’ should be. If you fit the criteria, a red carpet will roll out on your name,” Pamela says.


Sartorial Pairings begins their Campaign!

25 Sep

One of the greatest aspects of being an entrepreneurial designer, is the amazing network of people sharing your passion of creation.

Two  of our favorites which fall into this category are Ignacio Quiles and Pamela Moore of Sartorial Pairings and QP and Monty.

This month they begin their Kickstarter campaingn to raise money for their Sartorial Pairings menswear line- bringing back the dapperness of dressing and putting “men” back into Menswear. All made in NYC, the line consists of vests, ties, hats, and the fobs jewelry collection which FSMNYC has partnered up with SP.

Check out the video here:


The clothing speaks for itself. With impeccable craftsmanship, signature details, and thought-out features….does your average vest allow you to carry your I-phone undisclosed in the chest pocket?-I didn’t think so

The the team behind the collection makes collaborating a treat. With larger than life personalities and hearts of gold – Pamela and Ignacio make the perfect team. Currently, also featured on the failure club (directed by Morgan Spurlock)- Ignacio shows his journey of making his dreams into a reality.

Failure Club:


The campaign continues to Oct 6th, so please check it out and show some love!

FSMNYC in Chelsea Market

19 Sep
It’s been since last Spring, but we’re back in full swing at Chelsea market to the New Year. We’ve been working on some great new pieces exclusively for this location and here’s a lil’ sneak-peak!


14 Sep

Recently, we’ve teamed-up with the amazing online retailer SHARPMEN. Specifically catered to men, this site is a lifestyle channel to discover and shop the coolest and greatest products through videos: fashion, gadgets, art, and sports gear from all over the world.

FSMNYC: Luxury Jewelry for Men, Hand-made in NY, Edgy & Unique I

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