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Painting the Seams

28 Sep

A few weeks back, we had the amazing pleasure of meeting Ronnie and Genevieve, the talents behind MALCA BK. With their hand painted one-of-a-kind garments, this work is beyond fashion, it is ART.

artistic, unique and comfortable clothing for todays modern woman

 we seek to spread our passion through the clothes that we make & hope that women feel powerful, beautiful & unique


Besides Malca BK’s beautiful pieces,

Check out Malca BK’s leggings worn by Rye Rye in the Never Be Mine video with Robyn




Custom Creations: We’re losing our Heads over this Turkey Skull!!!

5 Aug

One of my favorite aspects of selling at the markets, is the variety of people you’ll meet. Truth be told, a few weeks ago, FSM got the awesome opportunity to meet Heidi, who was interested in preserving her friend Tom’s (which she thought was named Pat) head. So Tom’s a turkey, and Heidi had his head (gifted by LaFrieda Meats).  She did all the gruesome work of cleaning & bleaching and then brought it to FSM to cast in brass.

Here is Tom’s transition:







Check out Heidi’s tell-all blog about Tom’s process here—->NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART– THIS IS A TRUE TELL & SHOW ALL




The Chew Chronicles at Artist and Fleas

9 Jun

Check out this amazing video by The Chew Chronicles featuring the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, If you haven’t been by to check out the new spot, here’s a sneak peek (FSM gets featured at 8:05) 🙂 Ronen Gilmer takes us back to the beginnings of the market and the transformation Williamsburg has gone through in the past years……..enjoy!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing vids by the Chew Chronicles to find the latest and greatest hotspots!

Check out the blog here–>

Weekend Teazer Pleazer!!!!

20 May

The weekend is finally here—and FancySexyMe will be at 3 locations (so no excuses!)


Saturday, May 21st 11am-8pm

82 Mercer Street

Between Broome and Spring

New York, NY


Saturday, May 21st 10am-6pm
F train to East Broadway or the FJMZ train to DelanceyNew York, NY


Saturday, May 21st & Sunday, May 22nd: 10am-7pm

(between Wythe and Kent)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
 F train toBedford

Here are some new pieces you can expect to see:


See you all this weekend!:)

Sculptural Joy

11 May

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to meet sculptural genius Julie Joy Saypoff at Artist and Fleas. A local resident, Julie creates out of the Willie B Galley on N. 8th by the waterfront. She fell in love with our “Hold My Heart” ring, which we customized for her each of the 3 pieces in a different finish: Gold, Silver, and Rose. After sharing that she is also a local artist, I had to check out her work:)

copper with patina, granite

Using primarily copper, steel, and aluminum, she works intuitively with each piece first building the foundation and then by refining the details. Her abstract pieces speak on a metaphysical level, touching back to the ideas of creation, energy, and life—using organic materials to characterise these concepts. In her videos explaining her pieces, she encompasses the exercise of personal inspiration on her pieces, and on art in general:

” I believe that fine art is a universal language that can be appreciated by anyone who is patient enough to ponder it and that by understanding basic human nature, we can better understand both ourselves and others.  It is a language without words that can be seen as well as felt and can be visually interpreted throughout the world. “

 Poetry of Life, Painted Aluminum,
28″ x 18″ x 18″

Inspiration Front View
copper, granite base 10 1/2 ‘ high


10”x19”x12” copper, patina

Flutter Fountain
Copper – 19 x 20 x20

“My goal as an abstract sculptor is to communicate a specific energy through the gesture of a piece.”

Julie in the studio

“All of my work speaks of emotion, honesty and relationships between human beings”

 Check out more of Julie’s work here–>

Truly Inspiring:)

Rock the Runaways

17 Mar

 “Hello World I’m your wild girl, I”m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!”

A weeks ago ago, while stumbling around in the world of Netfilx, I came across The Runaways, featuring the story of Joan Jett and The Runaways. The movie starts with period blood splattering on the sidewalk, and this sets the tone for the rest of the movie (I guess she’s not the underwear type)

 The movie rekindled my love for Ms. Jett and the amazing world she uncovered for the rock scene, especially for the female artists. Known as the “Queen of Rock & Roll” this Philadelphian native got her first guitar at the age of 13 and never stopped rockin’ out- first in The Runaways, then solo, and then in the Blackhearts. In her later years she became a producer for several bands, one my favs, Bikini Kill. She’s also been a guest vocalist on a few Peaches tracks.


She loves “Rock & Roll” AND she’s got a “Bad Reputation”—she is “girl power” before the thought of the Spice Girls ever existed.  Joan Jett is an ultimate BADASS, and here’s some of my new pieces that she could totally rock out in:

 FSMNYC Woven Leather Vest w/ Black and Silver Chains


FSMNYC Suspension Vest in Black Leather and Silver Hardware


FSMNYC Body Harness in Copper and Antique Brass

Happy St. Patty’s Day


Weekend Teazer Pleazer!!!

11 Mar

Wow- it’s the weekend already-where did this week go????

Ronnie and I have been working on some fantastic pieces for you this week and you can find them ONLY at the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg, BK.  So hop on that L train and come on over!


One of our most famous pieces “The Flying Fox Squirrel Skull” now comes as a ring!

Our extra-large Cameo Ring is a great statement ring. The adjustable band is detailed with a filigree design. 

The Bamboo Ring is subtle, yet detailed. This ring launched a few weeks ago and is on our newest “most coveted” list.

Speaking of most coveted, check out our new assortment of Artisan Engagement Rings in gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. We will also be commissioning custom design pieces in the weeks to come……

This one-of-a-kind Vintage Bib Necklace is complete with topaz crystals and silver, copper, and brass chains.

These next two are for the party kidz in candy coated colors.


Here’s to anxiously awaiting Spring and for the sun to re-appear…..

Have a great weekend!


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