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When Shopping meets Champagne and Cupcakes……

4 Nov

Last week we checked out The Thrify Fashionista’s new boutique in Williamsburg, where we indulged in cupcakes, champagne, and of course vintage clothing!

Owner Meghan Early, has been on the vintage scenes for years, and doing it like no other-this month she’s setting up private appointments in her store with a discount for each person you bring, She’ll wine and dine you on sweets, while you play dress-up with your friends, (I wish my closest was her store-utterly amazing and jam-packed with affordable goodies!)

What I found? Perhaps I was going with a Sam Sparrow theme?

Black Sequined Cardi with Rib Knit Trim and silk lining

Black & Gold Art Deco necklace

Gold Belt

Black and Gold Panther Belt Buckles


New Beginnings for Old Hollywood

18 Oct

This past weekend, OLD HOLLYWOOD, quietly opened the doors of their new location in the LES. Located on Broome St, O.H. brings an array of innovation, complimenting the trendiness of neighboring stores. If you’ve check out their amazing Franklin St. Boutique in Greenpoint BK, you surely will not be disappointed in the Manhattan location. Named “Trendiest Jewelry Store,” you can also find amazing vintage, clothing, and housewares here, making it a one-stop-shop. The grand opening is in the works for the near future, but with their packed-party reputation, be sure to check it out before then so you can peruse all the nooks-and-crannies of the intricately merchandised store  


250 Broome Street
(between Orchard and Ludlow)
Monday – Saturday 12-9pm
Sundays 12 – 7pm

Hidden Treasures at the 39th St. Market

19 Aug

There’s nothing greater than finding a hidden treasure. Such is the case when I finally got the opportunity to check out the 39th Market this past weekend when hanging out with my mom. I’m surprised I have yet to visit this market, filled with antique furniture, vintage jewelry & clothing, and any other expired knick-knacks the world has to offer.  Located between 9 & 10 Ave this market is open every Saturday & Sunday. Here are some treasures that were unfolded:


When the Old becomes New Again

17 Aug

One of the best places to look for inspiration is though vintage and antique pieces. The details and craftsmanship is beyond comparable to commercial products found today. Many vendors who shop the world display their finds at antique shows several times a year. These are a few of my favorites and photos from the showS.

The Brimfield Antique Show

One of the biggest flea markets in the world held 4 times a year in Massachusetts and over 21 fields of vendors.

Manhattan Vintage

Held in Chelsea at the Metropavillion with over 80 nation-wide vendors

Vintage Selection

Held at Stazione Leopoida and is one of the most prestigious fairs in Europe dedicated to vintage with over 40 vendors

Style Session: The Indie Style Society

25 Jul


 Check out some awesome (and affordable) vintage looks from The Indie Style Society, ran by the amazing Meghann Early! Looking for those novelty pieces to rock the streets of the burg? She’s got ’em……

You can also check out her the etsy store here–>

The Chew Chronicles at Artist and Fleas

9 Jun

Check out this amazing video by The Chew Chronicles featuring the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, If you haven’t been by to check out the new spot, here’s a sneak peek (FSM gets featured at 8:05) 🙂 Ronen Gilmer takes us back to the beginnings of the market and the transformation Williamsburg has gone through in the past years……..enjoy!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing vids by the Chew Chronicles to find the latest and greatest hotspots!

Check out the blog here–>

The Scarf-lace

3 Mar

It’s neither a Scarf or a Necklace….it SCARFLACE!!!!

(Linda Richman voice..”Discuss…”)

A simple scarf is probably my favorite accessory for the those cooler months, so I wanted to incorporate a fashionable piece (that looks great & will also keep you warm) into our FancySexyMe collection. This week I’ve made three custom one-of-a-kind Scarflaces which I wanted to share.

Each piece is reversible, so depending on your outfit, you’re always ready to go. The fabric base also makes it über comfortable for your neck (& is also great for those of you with metal sensitivities)

 This first piece is more vintage inspired with antique crochet layered on top of pale aqua fabric. The opposite side is a multi-floral in aqua, tans, burnt oranges and browns and is finished with brass, silver, and copper draped chains.

The second piece is more rocker inspired with a black houndstooth jacquard , popped with violet silk charmeuse on the opposing side. The draped chains are super fine on this piece and are quite dramatic reaching past the natural waist.


The third scarflace is more neutral base, being a great seg-way into all the soft neutrals showing for Spring. This piece begins with tan chenille over a dusty mint fabric turning into blue-taupe herringbone on the opposite side.

 I’m also making custom commission pieces of your favorite fabrics, so get your creative juices flowing 🙂


Vintage Loves!

9 Jan

I love going home for the holidays! This annual trip back home makes me appreciate the amazing house I grew up in-and some may call this a museum. My parents were antique junkies back in the 70’s traveling from city-to-city following renowned auctioneers. As a result, my house growing-up was filled with mis-match antiques and finds that somehow all seemed to fit in a perfect athsetic.

Below are some of my favorite pieces around the house, including some of my own in my apartment.

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