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50 Shades….

4 Sep

My daily Mash-Ups of FSM—Follow FSMNYC on Instagram for the latest and greatest- many pieces are one-offs so don’t miss out! ūüôā

IMG_8006Cynthia Catera FSMCynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYCCynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC


Style Session: The Indie Style Society

25 Jul


¬†Check out some awesome (and affordable) vintage looks from The Indie Style Society, ran by the amazing Meghann¬†Early!¬†Looking for those novelty pieces to rock the streets of the burg? She’s got ’em……


You can also check out her the etsy store here–> http://www.etsy.com/shop/IndieStyleSociety?ref=seller_info


23 Feb

We all know them- and all love ’em-SAFETY PINS

Dating all the way back to the 14th century BC, safety pins were first used by the Greek culture of the Mycenaeans and used in similar ways as we use them today. This was later reinvented by Walter Hunt, an American inventor & mechanic (who also invented the sewing machine, 1844) and patented in 1849, which was later sold for a mere $400.

More notably, we associate the safety-pin with the punk rock culture & the fashionistas of this time¬†taking this look¬†from Richard Hell and Johnny Rotten, who have said to be¬†some of the first originators¬†of the “punk-rock” look.

Here are a few of FSM’s new looks:



Remember-Safety First!


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