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The Chew Chronicles at Artist and Fleas

9 Jun

Check out this amazing video by The Chew Chronicles featuring the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, If you haven’t been by to check out the new spot, here’s a sneak peek (FSM gets featured at 8:05) 🙂 Ronen Gilmer takes us back to the beginnings of the market and the transformation Williamsburg has gone through in the past years……..enjoy!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing vids by the Chew Chronicles to find the latest and greatest hotspots!

Check out the blog here–> http://chewchronicles.blogspot.com/


Home Sweet Home

11 Feb

If you haven’t heard, Artist and Fleas has a new location on 70 N.7th St. in W St. in Williamsburg Brooklyn, just down the street from their old spot. If you haven’t been by to check it out, you’re missing out. The huge warehouse space is filled with all your favorite vendors and now you can even snag up a taco or two while you shop.

Since this weekend will be filled with sun and cheer, come stop by to say “hey” to some old friends- we miss you:) Here’s the set-up of our new space:

We are also proud to anouce we now have a separate engraving section where you can select your font, pendant shape/size, and what you’d wish to voice. This can also be done on ANY of your dusters OR if you’d like to bring in something of your own to be engraved–> we can do that too:)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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