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4 Mar

The amazingly talented, and brilliant Dani Read, designer of FYI LINGERIE, presented her A/W 13 Collection titled, Isis, embodying Cleopatra who ruled by both intelligence and seduction.FSM got the awesome opportunity to make a few chain body harnesses to accessorize the show.

Dani’s trademark “Women are Weapons” is evident in her designs and gives her the cutting edge in the lingerie market. I mean, who turns love handles into Love Handles as an all access leather harness belt? FYI does!!! And is one of the few reasons why we love Dani’s vision!










We’d rather play NAUGHTY than Nice…

18 Aug

It’s more fun when there’s a risk… if there’s a chance of getting caught… the exhiliration and rush. Nice is safe and we like to be NAUGHTY.



Weekend Teazer Pleazer 7.8.11

9 Jul

Ok folks! The weekend’s finally here, and coming off of a 3-day weekend, this week seemed longer than usual. And even though this Friday is dreary and damp, this weekend holds nothing but sunshine and cheer. So no excuses not to come out to the markets and check out all the new designs we’ve been working on this week! Saturday we’ll be at Hester Street Fair on the LES & Artist & Fleas in Williamsburg, BK. We’ll also be at A&F on Sunday-so stop on by! Here’s a lil’ Teazer of what you can expect to see!

Weekend Teazer Pleazer 4.9 Chain Gang

10 Apr

So if animal rings aren’t your thing-we have more for you to check out this weekend with our Chain Gang:

Chain Drape Vest

Breast Plate

Multi Chain Key Necklace

Chainmail Body Sling


See ya’ all this weekend!


(my apoligies for the picture posts, but I’m working on some great blogs for next week:))

Rock the Runaways

17 Mar

 “Hello World I’m your wild girl, I”m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!”

A weeks ago ago, while stumbling around in the world of Netfilx, I came across The Runaways, featuring the story of Joan Jett and The Runaways. The movie starts with period blood splattering on the sidewalk, and this sets the tone for the rest of the movie (I guess she’s not the underwear type)

 The movie rekindled my love for Ms. Jett and the amazing world she uncovered for the rock scene, especially for the female artists. Known as the “Queen of Rock & Roll” this Philadelphian native got her first guitar at the age of 13 and never stopped rockin’ out- first in The Runaways, then solo, and then in the Blackhearts. In her later years she became a producer for several bands, one my favs, Bikini Kill. She’s also been a guest vocalist on a few Peaches tracks.


She loves “Rock & Roll” AND she’s got a “Bad Reputation”—she is “girl power” before the thought of the Spice Girls ever existed.  Joan Jett is an ultimate BADASS, and here’s some of my new pieces that she could totally rock out in:

 FSMNYC Woven Leather Vest w/ Black and Silver Chains


FSMNYC Suspension Vest in Black Leather and Silver Hardware


FSMNYC Body Harness in Copper and Antique Brass

Happy St. Patty’s Day



7 Mar

The concept of protecting yourself in battle is timeless. We now have the technology of bulletproof vests and materials such as Kevlar to create barricades from harmful objects penetrating into our bodies. But back then, it was a little more simple.

Chain mail was one of the first forms of body amour created by intricate patterns of metal rings originating around 300 BC and was spread throughout the world by the form of trading. Through this, each culture has used this technique while putting their own influence into the linked designs.

In the Dark Ages, chain mail was refered to as “ring maille” to differentiate from plated mail and other forms of armor. In the Middle Ages, the terminology changed to “maille/mayle” meaning mesh or net. Then in the Victorian period, a Gothic revival occurred, in which maille turned into what we now call chain mail today.

 Although we do not go into regular battles today (ok-perhaps the L Train in morning rush hour) the chain mail look still stands strong. It’s a declaration and at the same time there’s no need for explanation. It’s badass and channels the inner Joan of Arc in all of us.

 Here are  some of my recent pieces:

FSMNYC Cold Shoulder w/ Brass, Copper, and Brushed Silver Chains

FSMNYC Cold Shoulder w/ Brushed Gold and Silver Chains

FSMNYC Stacked Vest in Pewter, Copper and Gold


We all have the right to bear arms so…..  ARM YOURSELF!!!



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