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On Location…Mash-ups…New Pieces

4 Sep
FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg on Location

FSMYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Headphone and Amp Jack Pendants

Purpha Daggers

Purpha Daggers

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

NYC Skyline Ring; Reptile Skull Ring

FSMNYC Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

Snakes on a Plane!!!

Snakes on a Plane!!!
Chainmail Belt

Chainmail Belt

BullFrog Skull Pendant

BullFrog Skull Pendant

Purpha Dagger

Purpha Dagger

Plated Armour Collection

Plated Armour Collection

Safety-Pin Duo

Safety-Pin Duo

FSMNYC Chainmail Shoulder Harness

Chainmail Shoulder Harness

FSMNYC Chainmail Body Harness

Chainmail Body Harness


Triangular Inspired

Chain Harnesses

Chain Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Chain Body Harnesses

Be Sure to stop by Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg every weekend for new designs AND follow us in Instagram for the newest designs! 🙂


50 Shades….

4 Sep

My daily Mash-Ups of FSM—Follow FSMNYC on Instagram for the latest and greatest- many pieces are one-offs so don’t miss out! 🙂

IMG_8006Cynthia Catera FSMCynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYCCynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Things that Inspire

4 Sep



Madison Square Park Sculpture



Double Reflection…Window on Window



2 Face….Gemini


Zipper HairImage

Skeleton DinnerwareImage

Well that pretty much sums it up!



Phantom of the Opear Doors- Time SquareImage


Dream OutfitImage




Chainmail…Joan of Arc…My Saint


Thierry Mugler

3 Jan

Recently perusing the bookshelf at a friend’s house, I came across this amazing Thierry Mugler book with my favorite images below:

New Year–>New Inspiration

thierry muglerbig




FSMNYC in Chelsea Market

19 Sep
It’s been since last Spring, but we’re back in full swing at Chelsea market to the New Year. We’ve been working on some great new pieces exclusively for this location and here’s a lil’ sneak-peak!


14 Sep

Recently, we’ve teamed-up with the amazing online retailer SHARPMEN. Specifically catered to men, this site is a lifestyle channel to discover and shop the coolest and greatest products through videos: fashion, gadgets, art, and sports gear from all over the world.

FSMNYC: Luxury Jewelry for Men, Hand-made in NY, Edgy & Unique I Sharpmen.com


18 Aug

Day to Day, this is how we rock our FSMNYC…How do you wear your’s?

Cleaver Pendant w/ Filigree and Classic Duster Stacked

Guillotine Pendant

Pink Body Harness, Snub Nose Pendant, Clawing & Cheetah Rings

Razor Pendant; Crown Ring; Panther Ring

Bullet Duster; Purpha Dagger; Gun Pendant

Filigree Bad Boi

Snub Nose Gun Pendant w/ Skullcrusher Duster

Guillotine Pendant; Faux Four stacked w/ Filigree and Classic Dusters

Crown and Skull Rings

Razor Pendant

Panther and Scalloped Rings

Rose Ring w/ Heart Cut-Out Duster

Diamond Duster stacked w/ the Faux Four

Diamond and Classic Dusters w/ Cheetah and Scalloped Rings

City Ring w/ Cheetah Ring

Rose and Filigree Dusters

Fuck Off Stamp Ring

Tattoos and Dragons

11 Jan

Last November, after reading the books, I posted a blog about the style behind Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and after seeing the new Hollywood movie version, I felt a re-post would only be appro…

Favorite piece of the movie: Razor Pendant!


1. Joseph Altuzarra Buckle Jacket

2. FSMNYC Razor Necklace

3. All Saints Isemene Trouser

4. Rick Owens Wrap Sweater

5. Alexander Herchcovitch Fall 11/12

6. Alexander Wang Kristen Suede Tote

7. FSMNYC “Go Fuck Off” Engraved Knuckle Duster

8. Alexander Wang Mirte Lace Up Sock Boots

9. Balenciaga Spring 11 Boot w/ Studded Sole

10. Burberry SS 11 Studded Jacket 

1. Takoon Paneled Leather Jacket

2. Thakoon Breakaway Legging 

3. FSMNYC  Tenderizor 

4. Christian Louboutin Morrigan Studded Leather Bag

 5. Concept Motorcycle

 6. FSMNYC Skullcrusher

 7. All Saints Hydrus Tailcoat

 8. Ann Demeulemeester High-Top Sneakers

 9. Givenchy White Studded Gloves

 10. Balenciaga Spring11 Moto Jacket 


Which movie did you like better:   Swedish or Hollywood version?

Purrfect Fashion

10 Jan

As much as I love fashion, I love my felines too!

Here are some of my favorite Fashionista Kitties!

Trend Report: High Tech Intimacy

16 Dec

Studio Roosegaarde’ new project, INTIMACY, explores the relation between intimacy and technology.

Entitled Intimacy White and Intimacy Black, these garments are composed of leather and smart e-foils. In response to the heartbeat of each person, INTIMACY 2.0 becomes more or less transparent.

When a person gets close to others, hugs or dances with them, the e-foils in the dress are activated and the level of transparency alters, “creating a sensual play of disclosure.”

The studio is inviting haute couture designers to develop their own vision for the next INTIMACY.

What would your design look like?


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