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Things that Inspire

4 Sep



Madison Square Park Sculpture



Double Reflection…Window on Window



2 Face….Gemini


Zipper HairImage

Skeleton DinnerwareImage

Well that pretty much sums it up!



Phantom of the Opear Doors- Time SquareImage


Dream OutfitImage




Chainmail…Joan of Arc…My Saint



FancySexyMe’s favorite goto dining in Williamsburg

1 Mar

With our home base being Williamsburg, we are asked almost daily “where is there a good place to eat around here” as veterans of the Williamsburg dining scene here is a list of our fav places. The list is going to 5 long – there are many many great spots we haven’t tried or mentioned, but theses are goto spots – meaning when in doubt this is where we go…

5. Teddys Bar & Grill – http://www.teddyswilliamsburg.com

Bar/ American – 96 Berry Street

 Great for Bruch, Lunch, & Dinner –  We usually go in for dinner. Great bar food/restaurant – has been around for hundred years and is often used for movies that need that oldie feel. The menu isn’t exotic but really good – hard to pick a bad dish – the mixed drinks are top notch.


4. Radegast Hall & Beirgarten – http://www.radegasthall.com

German Food / Beer / Sausages & Bratwurst – 113 North 3rd Street

The Beirgaten is amazing for any night of the week – gets really packed on the weekends.  This is a three for one deal here – Great place for obscure euro high alcohol beers and they have a great bar. Also good for date night or nice dining with their restaurant with German/Euro cuisine. Our favorite are the benches and grill – the best Sausages and Bratwurst around with great fries and my FAVORITE sauerkraut in the world.


3. Le Barricou – http://www.lebarricouny.com/

French Bistro & Wine Lounge – 533 Grand St

 Le Barricou is absolutely the best brunch in Williamsburg. I’m sure its great for lounging and dinner but my goodness their brunch is sooooo good. Everything is good Cynthia’s always orders Eggs Norwegian with homemade bloody mary and swears it’s the best she has ever had. Personally always go for an omelet and wash it down with pineapple vodka but the many times we went with friends and fam – you cant got wrong here.

2.  Mesa Coyoacan – http://mesacoyoacan.com/

Gourmet Mexican Cuisine

 Great for date night or with friends. Beautiful décor and by FAR the best Mexican food ever!!! Not your typical Mexican food with tacos and what not. My favorite is the Mixiotes De Carnero – no bare yourself this is whats in it – Spiced lamb with chile ancho, chile  guakillo and avocado leaves  STEAMED in a banana leaf and served with cactus salad, black beans, and pickled habanero red onions – Let me put it this way it tastes better then it sounds =p …. Highly recommended for anytime.


 1.Hachi Asian Bistro – http://www.yelp.com/biz/hachi-brooklyn

Thai / Asian Fusion / Sushi

 With many Thai restaurants all over the hood both new and old, and believe me I’ve tried almost all of them. Hachi is the best by far. Amazing pricing, great food, and proper service.  Now in my opinion this is my favorite sushi place especially the spicy tuna roll. The décor is relaxing and they also deliver! Date night, lunch, or dinner this place is a slam dunk – anyone you bring will be impressed your pick!

There you have it – I’m sure you have your favs but any of this fine restaurants will be an easy fav for y’all as well. Till next time!


White on Eames

26 Jan

It’s sleek, minimal, functional, and sophisticated.

The combination between Art and Science.

It’s Modern Furniture.

One of the most renowned designers of this era was Charles Eames, who began a brief architecture stint at Washington University, and later dismissed for his views being too modern. Known best for his furniture designs in the ’50’s, he also worked with his wife “Ray” making short films, textiles, landmark exhibitions, and all things known as modern art. His designs are very distinguishable, and with this comes the high price of a renowned artist.

WHITEONWHITE  http://www.whiteonwhite.com offers a vast variety of modern furniture, very Eames-ist, for almost 1/2 the price. So for all the decorating junkies out there, myself included, bring out those drawing boards! Below are some of my favorites.

For those of you who would like to browse in person:

East Coast Showrooms 

 85 White Street New York, NY 10013   212.966.6711

174 N 11th ST Brooklyn, NY 11211      718.388.2036

249 E.57th ST New York, NY 10022       212.546.9020

150 W 26th ST New York, NY 10001      212.989.4871

43 Avenue A New York, NY 10009          212.387.7760

West Coast Showroom

1422 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102   415.865.9809

Happy Decorating!


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