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50 Shades….

4 Sep

My daily Mash-Ups of FSM—Follow FSMNYC on Instagram for the latest and greatest- many pieces are one-offs so don’t miss out! 🙂

IMG_8006Cynthia Catera FSMCynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSM

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYCCynthia Catera FSMNYC

Cynthia Catera FSMNYC


Animal Collective

8 Mar

Check out our new collection we’ve been working on….


FSMNYC Animal Collective Collection

fsm animal collective

Bear Claw, Parakeet, Fox Squirrel, and Bull Frog Skull Pendants

fsm1Bear Claw

fsmParakeet & Squirrel Skull

fsm3Bull Frog

FSMNYC in Chelsea Market

19 Sep
It’s been since last Spring, but we’re back in full swing at Chelsea market to the New Year. We’ve been working on some great new pieces exclusively for this location and here’s a lil’ sneak-peak!


14 Sep

Recently, we’ve teamed-up with the amazing online retailer SHARPMEN. Specifically catered to men, this site is a lifestyle channel to discover and shop the coolest and greatest products through videos: fashion, gadgets, art, and sports gear from all over the world.

FSMNYC: Luxury Jewelry for Men, Hand-made in NY, Edgy & Unique I Sharpmen.com


18 Aug

Day to Day, this is how we rock our FSMNYC…How do you wear your’s?

Cleaver Pendant w/ Filigree and Classic Duster Stacked

Guillotine Pendant

Pink Body Harness, Snub Nose Pendant, Clawing & Cheetah Rings

Razor Pendant; Crown Ring; Panther Ring

Bullet Duster; Purpha Dagger; Gun Pendant

Filigree Bad Boi

Snub Nose Gun Pendant w/ Skullcrusher Duster

Guillotine Pendant; Faux Four stacked w/ Filigree and Classic Dusters

Crown and Skull Rings

Razor Pendant

Panther and Scalloped Rings

Rose Ring w/ Heart Cut-Out Duster

Diamond Duster stacked w/ the Faux Four

Diamond and Classic Dusters w/ Cheetah and Scalloped Rings

City Ring w/ Cheetah Ring

Rose and Filigree Dusters

Fuck Off Stamp Ring

On Location!

31 Jul

A few photos of our recent on location set-ups….

Birds of a feather……

21 Jun

Weekend Teazer Pleazer!!!!

20 May

The weekend is finally here—and FancySexyMe will be at 3 locations (so no excuses!)


Saturday, May 21st 11am-8pm

82 Mercer Street

Between Broome and Spring

New York, NY


Saturday, May 21st 10am-6pm
F train to East Broadway or the FJMZ train to DelanceyNew York, NY


Saturday, May 21st & Sunday, May 22nd: 10am-7pm

(between Wythe and Kent)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
 F train toBedford


Here are some new pieces you can expect to see:


See you all this weekend!:)

Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day

3 May

If we didn’t love ’em so much, why would there be “Yo Momma” jokes?-just sayin’

Here are my FSM picks for the perfect gift for Yo Mamma:







Cameo Ring

Rose Two Finger Ring

Butterfly Ring

"Cut my Heart Out" Two Finger

Lion Ring


Wishbone Earrings



Chain & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet


Show her how much you lover her—Because she rocks:) 

Alphabet City

14 Apr

They’re cute, personal, and all yours!

This past week FancySexyMe has introduced its Alaphabet City Collection including our mini block letter pendants, large scripted letter pendants and rings, and our large block pendants with the option of custom engraving your name onto the piece.

Alphabet City

Large Block Letter Pendant w/ Optional Name Engraving

Large Scripted Letter Rings

Small Block Letter Pendants

Large Scripted Letter Pendants


Just another way FSM is bringing your custom designs to life-After all, it’s your world-why not have your own customized pieces? 🙂


Come check ’em out this weekend at Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg

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