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Animal Collective

8 Mar

Check out our new collection we’ve been working on….


FSMNYC Animal Collective Collection

fsm animal collective

Bear Claw, Parakeet, Fox Squirrel, and Bull Frog Skull Pendants

fsm1Bear Claw

fsmParakeet & Squirrel Skull

fsm3Bull Frog


New Blog Feature – Designer’s Pick of the Month – First Pick March 2011 -Ronnie’s Pick

2 Mar

We are adding a new feature to our blog and website – Designer’s Pick of the Month.

What are we picking? Our pieces of course – we will go in to the thinking behind the piece and why we like it…

Ronnie’s pick for the month of March is………The Double Roses two finger ring!!

This piece was designed by Cynthia and I back in January 2011 ( yeah like a whole couple months ago) we got the inspiration while visiting one of friends and store SHAG BROOKLYN www.weloveshag.com. While chatting with Sam we noticed some roses in preparation for valentines day and………then…………like a waterfall of thoughts flushing down a mighty mountain – it hit us like ton of bricks from a falling building in a hurricane of brilliance …sorry sorry – I know, over the top… we thought it would be cool to put roses on a two finger ring – metallic roses? Who wouldn’t want that – we haven’t made any new designs for 2 fingers rings in a while up to that point so it was perfect timing and a nice new fresh piece. And who’d a thought its been our best selling two finger ring for the past month….soo ladys and gents here is MISS March 2011 (from Ronnie)   THEE Double Roses two finger ring!!


Thank you for your time – you all are beautiful =]


P.S. Cynthia has been working on some AMAZING blogs – so check back very very very soon …

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