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Things that Inspire

4 Sep



Madison Square Park Sculpture



Double Reflection…Window on Window



2 Face….Gemini


Zipper HairImage

Skeleton DinnerwareImage

Well that pretty much sums it up!



Phantom of the Opear Doors- Time SquareImage


Dream OutfitImage




Chainmail…Joan of Arc…My Saint



Sculpted Wings by Kate Mccgwire

31 Jan

How do you make something so colossal seem as though it weighs less than an ounce?

 London-based artist Kate Mccgwire  has done just this in her new sculpture collection of feathers  entitled, ‘guile’, ‘lure’, ‘seer’, ‘quell’, and ‘yearn’. The majestic forms are made from thousands of wing and tail feathers gathered from many birds including  pigeon, magpie, goose, teal, pheasant, duck and woodcock. Working with feathers as one of her mediums since ’07, this most recent exhibition is far beyond compare.

‘I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate, question, duplicate, play and photograph.‘ -Kate MccGwire 

‘I collect because I have to. It’s my way of making sense of my self and forging a material connection between my inner world and the world of objects, which is the world we all inhabit but which I’ve chosen to make my living in as an artist who makes “things”. I enjoy the fact that collecting allows me to make a spectacle out of the everyday, which is essentially what I try to do in my work.’ – Kate MccGwire

Sculptural Joy

11 May

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to meet sculptural genius Julie Joy Saypoff at Artist and Fleas. A local resident, Julie creates out of the Willie B Galley on N. 8th by the waterfront. She fell in love with our “Hold My Heart” ring, which we customized for her each of the 3 pieces in a different finish: Gold, Silver, and Rose. After sharing that she is also a local artist, I had to check out her work:)

copper with patina, granite

Using primarily copper, steel, and aluminum, she works intuitively with each piece first building the foundation and then by refining the details. Her abstract pieces speak on a metaphysical level, touching back to the ideas of creation, energy, and life—using organic materials to characterise these concepts. In her videos explaining her pieces, she encompasses the exercise of personal inspiration on her pieces, and on art in general:

” I believe that fine art is a universal language that can be appreciated by anyone who is patient enough to ponder it and that by understanding basic human nature, we can better understand both ourselves and others.  It is a language without words that can be seen as well as felt and can be visually interpreted throughout the world. “

 Poetry of Life, Painted Aluminum,
28″ x 18″ x 18″

Inspiration Front View
copper, granite base 10 1/2 ‘ high


10”x19”x12” copper, patina

Flutter Fountain
Copper – 19 x 20 x20

“My goal as an abstract sculptor is to communicate a specific energy through the gesture of a piece.”

Julie in the studio

“All of my work speaks of emotion, honesty and relationships between human beings”

 Check out more of Julie’s work here–> http://www.artbyjuliejoy.com/

Truly Inspiring:)

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