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Crushin’ Skulls

1 Nov

FSMNYC Skull Crusher

FSMNYC Reptile Skull Ring



18 Aug

Day to Day, this is how we rock our FSMNYC…How do you wear your’s?

Cleaver Pendant w/ Filigree and Classic Duster Stacked

Guillotine Pendant

Pink Body Harness, Snub Nose Pendant, Clawing & Cheetah Rings

Razor Pendant; Crown Ring; Panther Ring

Bullet Duster; Purpha Dagger; Gun Pendant

Filigree Bad Boi

Snub Nose Gun Pendant w/ Skullcrusher Duster

Guillotine Pendant; Faux Four stacked w/ Filigree and Classic Dusters

Crown and Skull Rings

Razor Pendant

Panther and Scalloped Rings

Rose Ring w/ Heart Cut-Out Duster

Diamond Duster stacked w/ the Faux Four

Diamond and Classic Dusters w/ Cheetah and Scalloped Rings

City Ring w/ Cheetah Ring

Rose and Filigree Dusters

Fuck Off Stamp Ring

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