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Style Icon: Emanuel Limon

8 Jun
 About a month ago, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Emanuel Limon, visionary extraordinaire, expressing his ideas through design, art, and photography. Like a mash-up between Warhol and Rick Owens, Limon pushes the envelope with his reconstructed masterpieces. 

His sunglasses first caught my eye with futuristic shaping and mixed-media that I’ve never seen before. When asked where he got them, he understatedly said “I made them.” And I’m thinking: wow-where do you even begin with making sunglasses?!  

And it doesn’t end there, Limon also reconstructs and designs clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and artwork stating,

“I push myself to do things I wouldn’t be comfortable doing in order to grow as a person.”
These are some of my favorite Emanuel Limon piece’s:

Check out his site for more amazing pieces including his portfolio of artwork and photography:



Jinistar Boutique debuts at Artist and Fleas

2 Jun

Amazing friend, and even better designer, Jin Ko, will be debuting his JINISTAR BOUTIQUE at Artist and Fleas this weekend.

 Handmade and truley unique, JINISTAR offers printed tees, embellished fedoras, leather bags, and printed scarves. It’s a quirky McQueen–> Avant, yet light-hearted if you get my drift:)


Check out Jinistar on Etsy, and FB, & we’re hoping to be a permanent resident  at the A&F Market.

FB Page: http://tinyurl.com/3h3o7np

Etsy Page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jinistar


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